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Stepping Out

'People have always been surprised that I've never agreed to do Strictly, but I've never ever wanted to dance with anyone other than my wife... spending all that time with one of those rather excitable dancing partners under the gimlet stare of Sir Brucie always struck me as a rather bizarre experience'. 

Which is why Laurence is delighted to be joining the contestants of Stepping Out with his wife of 24 years the incomparable Jackie. The series has been following them for most of the Summer as they try to become savants in a number of dance disciplines.But what sets Stepping Out apart is the unrestricted behind the scenes fly on the wall reality access the LLB's have given the show. For every Saturday night the Llewelyn-Bowens remain in the competition their dance will be live in front of a peak time ITV pre X Factor Saturday night audience. So no pressure there then! 

But the viewer will also see the candid toll that such a huge commitment takes on one of the UK's most popular and normally so polished celebrity couples. And as if all that wasn't enough as Laurence says 'You know how white men can't jump well posh boys can't dance! It's a nightmare for my poor wife who did ballet, who has waltzed at countless Ambassadors parties and who can still do the splits - because I am completely rubbish. But I'm not giving in. I'm gonna work as hard as I possibly can to be a proper dance floor partner for Jackie. As she says shes got dance in her blood unfortunately I've got blood in my dance!'

Make a date to follow the LLB's on ITV's Stepping Out every Saturday from 7pm and remember 'vote for the old!'

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