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The Apartment

It's official Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has become one of the UK's most successful exports! Asia has taken his particular brand of Brit Quip Humor and paper cut sharp judgement to heart following the phenomenal success of The Apartment on Star, Star World and Fox TV.  Read More »

Stepping Out

'People have always been surprised that I've never agreed to do Strictly, but I've never ever wanted to dance with anyone other than my wife... spending all that time with one of those rather excitable dancing partners under the gimlet stare of Sir Brucie always struck me as a rather bizarre experience'.  Read More »

Press Releases

The Magical Journey

I am appalled and greatly saddened that The Magical Journey has taken the decision to close the event so close to Christmas leaving families in the lurch.  As a father I can imagine the disappointment only too clearly. We’ve been told that by applying to this website any ticket holders will receive a full refund.  Which of course won’t replace a much looked forward to experience but I hope will mean nobody is out of pocket.

It is important to clarify that I had absolutely no financial involvement in The Magical Journey.  I created design concepts for them to implement.  I was not involved in that implementation and in no way involved in the management or production of The Magical Journey.  

The company behind The Magical Journey is in serious breach of the contract I had with them, not least in the way they have handled the closure of the event.  We are investigating legal action.

My heart goes out to any who have been disappointed by The Magical Journey.  I have decided to donate my design fee to the Acorns Children’s Hospice in the hope that a few families in real need this Christmas will at least receive some seasonal cheer.